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jesus mary joseph statue

1.Introduction of Jesus Mary Joseph statue This Jesus Mary Joseph statue is a scene depicting Jesus’ holy family enjoying family happiness together. The life size statue vividly depicts the young Mary and Joseph, one on the left and one on the right, carrying the childhood Jesus on their shoulders. Mary and Joseph looked at each […]

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catholic religious sculptures

1.Introduction of Catholic religious sculptures We are skilled in various Catholic religious sculptures. This is a statue of Jesus and his mother Mary and father Joseph when Jesus was still a child. Mary, once a virgin girl, appeared to him by the angel Bacareth, announced that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit and named […]

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Mama mary with family statue

1.Introduction of mama Mary with family statue Below is warm scene of mama Mary with family statue. The Bible tells such a story. About 2000 years ago, an unusual thing happened: a Jewish woman named Maria from a humble family was visited by the angel of baccalaureate sent by God, became pregnant under the influence […]

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