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mare and foal statue lawn

Mare and foal statue lawn depicts the scene of a mare and a foal running freely on the grass. However, the mare horse foal is always guarded by her foal side, looking around from time to time, being alert to any unexpected situations around her, maternal love let mare horse become the most solid protective […]

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Mare and Foal sculpture

Mare and foal sculpture depicts the mare eating grass with her head down while the foal lies there to rest. The scene of foal and mare living together leisurely is described. The mare and foal statue is made of bronze and chemically colored, which vividly shows the brownish red hair and lifelike look. Our sculpture […]

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mother and foal horse statue

mother and foal horse statue is very popular for outdoor and garden decor. The mare and the pony play together. The mare’s mane is blown by the wind and floats to the front of its neck. It looks into the distance, as if it has seen something new and neighs. The pony ran to the […]

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