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pharaoh lion statue

1.Introduction of pharaoh lion statue The marble pharaoh lion statue presents a mysterious and majestic image. It depicts an Egyptian pharaoh with a human face and lion body, which is tall and spectacular. His face was solemn and solemn, and his expression was profound, demonstrating a strong leadership temperament. The carved details are lifelike, showing […]

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greek sphinx sculpture

1.Introduction of greek sphinx sculpture This is a greek sphinx sculpture. The marble Sphinx sculpture is a typical ancient artwork. This sculpture combines mythology and realism, showcasing the understanding of the relationship between nature and humanity in ancient culture. The statue has an astonishing shape. It is a lion with a tail and claws, as […]

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stone sphinx statue

1.Introduction of stone sphinx statue This is a Greek stone sphinx statue. It is a work of great artistic value. It showcases the image of the Sphinx in Greek mythology, reflecting the outstanding achievements of ancient civilization and art. The shape of this sculpture is a scene of a sphinx and a boy. The sphinx […]

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