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virgin mary statue for sale

1.Introduction of virgin Mary statue for sale This virgin Mary statue for sale is praying now. As we know, the Orthodox Church and Catholicism believe that Mary was sent to the world by God especially for the birth of Jesus. Therefore, she is innocent. Unlike other mortals, Catholicism also believes that she will become a […]

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mother mary statue

1.Introduction of mother Mary statue This is a good quality of mother Mary statue. Mary is not only the virgin in the hearts of Christians, but also the only woman who left her name in the Islamic Koran. Mary, deeply branded with religion, has a extremely high status, which can be described as “below one […]

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virgin mary statue

1.Introduction of virgin Mary statue If Jesus is the unique hero throughout the Western religious culture for 2000 years, then Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is the heroine throughout the story. Below is a great virgin Mary statue. Churches around the world are named after her. Countless painters and sculptors use her as inspiration […]

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