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maitreya buddha statue

1.Introduction of Maitreya Buddha Statue This Maitreya Buddha statue is made of natural white marble and carved by hand, it is white and flawless. Maitreya Buddha, also known as the future Buddha, is the successor of the Buddha Sakyamuni. In the future, Maitreya Buddha will be born in the Saha world and become the next […]

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large happy buddha statue

1.Introduction of Large Happy Buddha Statue This large Happy Buddha statue is carved by hand from natural white marble, as white as jade. This large Happy Buddha has big ears hang to shoulders, a smile on his face and mouth opened. Wearing cassock, bare chest and abdomen, holding a large pocket in one hand and […]

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happy buddha garden statue

1.Introduction of Happy Buddha Garden Statue This happy Buddha garden statue is a very familiar Buddha statue. It has broad earlobes, smiles and is amiable. Whether people believe in Buddha or not, they are willing to worship this huge Maitreya Buddha statue, which makes people relax and inspire people’s mood. It brings us a pleasant […]

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