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lion statue in front of homes

1.Introduction of lion statue in front of homes Lion statue in front of homes is very popular decoration, many people like the stone lion sculpture very much. It has a strong body, bright eyes and thick mane. just like it has a long beard,which extend below its legs. Our stone lion sculptures are made of […]

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front door lion statues

1.Introduction of front door lion statues Front door lion statues is very regular decoration. In western history and culture, the lion has become a symbol of religion, kingship, state and safe living and avoiding evil spirits. The cultural exchanges between the four ancient civilizations in the world, including Babylon, Egypt, India and China. Lion statue […]

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Marble Sleeping Lion Statue

1.Introduction of sleeping lion statue Sleeping lion statue gives people a more ferocious citrus. Lion is a very ferocious animal. Outdoor lion statue has always had the meaning of exorcism and blessing. It becomes the invisible guardian. Many people like to put a marble lion sculpture in their yard. It can not only bring good […]

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guardian lion statue

1.Introduction of Guardian Lion Statue Guardian Lion Statue is very popular decoration for house. Here are two domineering lion statues stood there, marching forward, leaking their sharp teeth and roaring in the sky. The texture of its muscles is clearly visible, and the fluffy hair on its neck makes it more dignified. The implication of […]

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Marble Black Lion Statue in Pair

1.Introduction of black lion statue Since ancient times, the lion has been a symbol of courage, personal strength and power. In the face of difficulties and challenges in life, the lion is a symbol of honor . Now people often put lion sculptures in pairs at the gate of the courtyard, company door or at […]

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