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Apollo Daphne Sculpture

1. Introduction of Apollo Daphne Sculpture This marble sculpture of Apollo and Daphne shows the scene of Apollo chasing Daphne in ancient Greek mythology. The Apollo Daphne Sculpture is made of high-quality marble, and the delicate carving process makes the dynamics and details of the characters vivid. The Apollo in the sculpture has a graceful […]

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apollo greek god statue

1. Introduction of Apollo Greek God Statue This is a marble Apollo Greek god statue. This sculpture shows the sun god Apollo’s handsome and sacred, highly artistic value and historical significance. The sculpture is made of high-quality marble, which is hard and finely textured, giving the statue a smooth and delicate texture. The Apollo Greek […]

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apollo statue greece

1.Introduction of apollo statue greece This apollo statue greece is vivid. Apollo was composed of seven exquisitely carved sculptures by Baroque artist Francois Girardon, placed at the Palace of Versailles (France). Apollo is in the center, served and bathed by his young and elegant nymphs, a classic representative of the 17th century. Greek statues apollo […]

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