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lioness sculpture

1.Introduction of lioness sculpture This lioness sculpture named ‘Mountain Love’ sculpture is a deeply moving work that showcases the warmth and protection of maternal love. This life-size bronze sculpture of a mountain lion brings us into a deeply moving scene. The lion mother sat upright among them, with a gentle expression that exuded love and […]

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Lioness Garden Statue

1.Introduction of lioness garden statue This lioness garden statue was created by the artist Auguste Kane (1822 – 1894). The lioness brought her cub a wild boar. Auguste Caine was born in Paris, and his works inherited the tradition of the artist Antoine Louis Barye (see the lion crushing the snake). Before being acquired by […]

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lioness with cub statue

1.Introduction of lioness with cub statue This is a very interesting bronze sculpture of the lioness with cub statue. A group of lovely little lions play around their mother. They enjoy the feeling of being loved by their mother and the company of their mother carefree. Their play is simple and happy, always full of […]

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