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lion lying down statue

1.Introduction of lion lying down statue This is a lion lying down statue. The lion is a very fierce animal. The lion sculpture has always played the role of exorcism and protection. It has become a powerful guardian around people. Many people like to put a bronze lion sculpture in their garden. It can not […]

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copper lion statue

1.Introduction of copper lion statue This is a copper lion statue with classical beauty. In people’s minds, it is the king of the forest. Its kingly flavor is born. No matter what posture it takes, it is full of majestic feeling and gives people oppression. It is precisely because of this powerful breath that it […]

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lion garden fountain

1.Introduction of hsbc bronze lions HSBC lions usually refer to the pair of copper lions in front of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. The original version is located in front of HSBC Building on the Bund of Shanghai. It is placed on a square base and created in a horizontal way. The […]

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