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kuan yin garden statue

1.Introduction of Kuan Yin Garden Statue This Kuan yin garden statue is hand carved from pure natural white marble, which is white and flawless. Kuan yin Bodhisattva is wearing a robe and sitting on a stone stool withing one foot is raised and the other foot is stepped on the lotus platform, it is very […]

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kuan yin statue for sale

1.Introduction of Kuan Yin Statue for sale This Kuan yin statue for sale is hand carved from natural white marble, with feet on lotus flowers and robes. It has a kind face and gives people a close and dignified image and she is also known as the net bottle Kuan yin. Among the many magic […]

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kwan yin garden statue

1.Introduction of Kwan Yin Garden Statue This Kwan yin garden statue is carved by hand from white natural marble. This Kwan yin, also known as water spraying Kwan yin, has the auspicious meaning of saving all sentient beings and relieving suffering by holding a jade net bottle and a willow branch. The statue of Kwan […]

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