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smurf garden statue

1.Introduction of Smurf Garden Sculpture This Sculpture comes to life and captures the adorable and vibrant image of the Smurfs. Each sculpture shows a different Smurf character, bringing back childhood memories and endless joy.The smurf garden sculpture is made of high-quality fiberglass material with excellent weather resistance and durability, allowing it to be displayed outdoors […]

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4ft kaws statue for sale

1.Introduction of 4ft kaws statue for sale This is the 4ft kaws statue for sale. The KAWS figurine itself has a distinct image and a strong visual impact. It is made of fiberglass and can be exhibited outdoors. Its cute appearance and strong personality make it a very popular decoration in public places. The Kaws […]

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hajime sorayama

1.Introduction of kaws x hajime sorayama The kaws x hajime sorayama is the combine of kaws and hajime sorayama art. The surface looks smooth and shiny, giving a very strong visual impact. The violent bear sculpture has a unique shape, with a cartoon like cuteness and humanized expression. KAWS’ violent bear sculpture has a large […]

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