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kangaroo garden sculpture

1.Introduction of kangaroo garden sculpture This is a very exquisite kangaroo garden sculpture. Kangaroo is a very strange animal. There is a bag on its belly. It often puts its baby in the bag. Maybe there will be a small head exposed from its bag inadvertently, which looks very cute. When it walks, it often […]

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bronze kangaroo sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze kangaroo sculpture Bronze kangaroo sculpture is life size. Kangaroo is a typical representative of marsupials. Kangaroos jump with their lower limbs and run very fast, with a speed of more than 50 kilometers per hour. Kangaroo has a “multifunctional” tail, which plays a very important role. It can support the ground and balance […]

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life size kangaroo statue

1.Introduction of life size kangaroo statue Life size kangaroo statue is made of bronze. Kangaroo is a very popular mammal. It has a small head and a face like a rabbit. On both sides of it, it has black whiskers, big eyes and long ears. It looks strange and lovely. Moreover, kangaroo is a symbol […]

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