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christmas deer statues

1. Introduction of Christmas deer statues Christmas deer statues is a large outdoor sculpture of a jumping whitetail deer sculpture. The stag has strong antlers, which shows the unique charm of the deer. It jumps up, steps on the rocks with its front feet and jumps in the air with its back feet. Moreover, stag […]

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brass deer statue

1. Introduction of brass deer statue Brass deer statue is two large bucks jumping down from the steep hillside, showing the Bucks’ flexible and light, and their clear eyes are full of courage and wisdom. The texture of its hair is clearly and glossy in the sunlight. This vivid sculpture enrich the color of the […]

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large brass deer statues

1. Introduction of large brass deer statues Large brass deer statues is a large stag jumping. The front foot of the large stag stepped on the grass, and the back foot did not stretch out at the moment of jumping. He raised his arrogant neck to show its nobility. This exquisite moment was captured and […]

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