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igor mitoraj sculpture

1.Introduction of igor mitoraj sculpture Igor mitoraj sculpture of a woman head is a large-scale sculpture created by artist Igor Mitoraj. Igor Mitoraj, a Polish artist, is famous for his broken body sculptures. His works reflect his fascination with Surrealism and the study of ancient Greek and Roman human bodies. One of the most famous works […]

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eros bendato sculpture

1.Introduction of eros bendato sculpture Eros bendato sculpture is a large-scale sculpture created by artist Igor Mitoraj. It is one of the many works of art scattered in the city park. The head belongs to the God of love, the Greek god of love and desire. This is a somewhat surprising sculpture. The empty eyes […]

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igor mitoraj for sale

1.Introduction of igor mitoraj for sale The igor mitora is famous. This Centurion I sculpture is a classic art sculpture created by Igor Mitoraj, a contemporary Polish artist from Germany. He is known for his classical sculptures, which were deliberately damaged to show wear and tear over time or to give them an antique appearance, […]

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