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our lady of the waters statue

1.Description of our lady of the waters statue This is a our lady of the waters statue. The statue is beautifully crafted and lifelike, made of fiberglass, giving it a smooth and delicate surface and detailed texture. The statue shows the gentle look of the Virgin Mary, wearing a robe and veil, with an expression […]

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sleeping mama mary statue

1.Description of sleeping mama mary statue This is a beautifully carved statue of sleeping mama mary statue, the overall shape is warm and full of love. The Virgin Mary in the statue is dressed in a pink robe.The details of the pink robe are very delicate.As if they are gently covering her body, showing a […]

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Holy mary statue

1.Introduction of holy Mary statue Holy Mary statue is famous in the world. Mary, as the mother of Jesus, has become a household name. We call it the Virgin Mary, which is regarded as a model of obedience in the Catholic Church. In Western mythology, the saint is God Jesus, and the virgin is his […]

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