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abstract face ornaments

1.Introduction of abstract face ornaments Bronze abstract face ornaments sculpture is a unique and expressive art form, which presents the image of human face in a abstraction way. This type of sculpture usually does not pursue realistic portraits. But expresses the artist’s exploration of human nature, emotions, and inner world through simplification, distortion, and deformation […]

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face statue decor

1.Introduction of face statue decor Face statue decor is an abstract appearance with smooth and concise lines, full of modernity.  This statue presents a very simplified and artistic facial image, expressing emotions and personality through geometric lines and abstract forms. It lacks specific facial features, but conveys a profound and mysterious atmosphere in a simple […]

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face sculpture decor

1.Introduction of face sculpture decor Face sculpture decor is an abstract and hollow appearance with smooth and concise lines, full of modernity. The facial features cleverly highlighted by the artist, with some parts hollowed out, adding a sense of hierarchy and mystery to the sculpture. These hollow parts allow light to pass through the sculpture, […]

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