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hippopotamus statue

1.Introduction of Hippopotamus Statue Hippopotamus Statue is classic image with two big nostrils and two small ears. Its mouth often opens, as if to prove that its mouth is the largest. Moreover, large Hippo statue is often depicted as standing posture, looking chubby and very cute. The huge Hippo sculpture gives people a naive attitude. […]

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hippopotamus garden statue

1.Introduction of Hippopotamus Garden Statue Hippopotamus Garden Statue are most popular among us.Hippos are huge and clumsy, body length from 2 to 5 meters, including a 35cm length tail; Weight from 1300 to 3200 kg. But it is short, especially short limbs. It has a thick head and a very large mouth. The teeth in […]

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garden hippo sculpture

1.Introduction of Hippopotamus Garden Ornament Hippopotamus Garden Ornament is that hippo lies on the ground to rest.Hippos have the largest mouths on land. It means that the owner’s business is booming, and has a wide range of financial resources. Therefore, hippo is also one of the animal sculptures loved by enterprises, companies and business people. […]

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