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red heart sculpture

1.Introduction of red heart sculpture The red heart sculpture is a modern and emotional artwork. It is mainly colored in red, and its main shape is a heart. The uniqueness of this heart lies in its geometric hollow out design. This means that the contour lines of love are clear, and the interior is empty, […]

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silver heart statue

1.Introduction of silver heart statue The is a silver heart statue. It is made of stainless steel material, and its shape is a heart. It symbolizes peace and love, aiming to convey positive energy and warm feelings to society. Stainless steel love sculpture is a high-quality, creative, and meaningful artwork that can bring beauty and […]

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Romero Britto heart

1.Introduction of Romero Britto heart Romero Britto heart is a heart – shaped sculpture designed by Romero Britto, His works are famous for their liveliness and optimism. Born in Brazil, he moved to Miami and began his art career. There, based on the heritage of artists such as Pablo Picasso and George Blake, he developed […]

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