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john wilson sculpture

1.Introduction of john wilson sculpture This is a the john wilson sculpture. The eternal existence of John Wilson is a grand bronze head sculpture, presenting a bust of a A Negress head. This sculpture aims to pay tribute to the history of black people in Massachusetts and showcase the artist’s idealized representation of universal human […]

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jilly sutton sculpture

1.Introduction of jilly sutton sculpture This is the jilly sutton sculpture. jilly sutton sculpture is themed on “Order in Chaos” and depicts a contemplative face walking out of a pile of building wood. This sculpture combines the head and geometric shape of a person, presenting a unique appearance. The sculpture combines a calm and sleeping […]

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abstract sculpture face

1.Introduction of abstract sculpture face This is an abstract sculpture face.  Its overall shape is similar to a person’s head, but the middle is empty, leaving ample space for the viewer to imagine. This head sculpture has clear facial features, deep eyes, a straight nose, and distinct lip lines, which are meticulously depicted. The abstract […]

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