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girl with bird sculpture

1.Introduction of girl with bird sculpture This girl with bird sculpture presents a childlike image, smiling and gently lifting a small bird with her left hand. The little bird remained quietly in her hand, as if connected to her soul. And with his right hand raised high, the other bird in his hand spread its […]

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little girl garden statues

1.Introduction of little girl garden statues The little girl garden statues is full of vitality and optimism. She seems to be in an instant, about to release the birds, showing a close connection with the natural world. It is to convey the close relationship between human beings and the natural world. The little girl shows […]

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Girl on Bench Garden Statue

1.Introduction of Girl on Bench Garden Statue Girl on bench garden statue is a scene of three little girls playing on bench. The little girl in the middle holds a lovely bird in her hand. The two little girls next to her gently raise their hands to touch the lovely bird, as if they were […]

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