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python sculpture

1.Introduction of python sculpture The python sculpture is depicted vividly. The body of a python is thick and powerful, with layers of scales that seem to sparkle in the sunlight. Its head was raised high, and the venom was vividly presented as an extended message, as if ready to attack at any time. The python’s […]

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rhino garden ornament

1.Introduction of rhino garden ornament The weathering steel geometric rhino garden ornament is impressive with its unique appearance. In the sculpture creation, simple geometric shapes were used to present the rhinoceros’s form vividly and with a modern feel. It not only captures the outline of the rhinoceros in form, but also conveys its essence through […]

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geometric animal sculpture

1.Introduction of geometric animal sculpture Geometric animal sculpture is made of 304 stainless steel. It has played a very important role in our life in recent years. It has become a kind of sculpture art. Animal sculpture is also a showing of artistic form. It is also an appreciation from an aesthetic perspective. Now there […]

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