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chili sculpture

1.Introduction of chili sculpture This chili sculpture showcases two intertwined chili peppers, presenting a unique artistic beauty. The appearance of the sculpture is lively and vivid, and through exquisite carving techniques, the appearance texture, color, and shape of red chili peppers are vividly presented. Every detail is carved very lifelike, as if one can feel […]

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eggplant sculpture

1.Introduction of eggplant sculpture This fiberglass eggplant sculpture has a dazzling purple appearance, resembling fresh eggplants just picked from farmland. Every detail vividly reproduces the characteristics of the eggplant, from the smooth surface to the deep purple skin, and even to the shape of the eggplant, all lifelike. This sculpture captures the natural beauty of […]

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tomato statue

1.Introduction of tomato statue The tomato statue is vivid. It presents a perfect red circular appearance, resembling freshly unearthed ripe tomatoes. Its surface is smooth and delicate, with a plump shape that exudes a rich texture. Through its realistic appearance, it seems that you can smell the fresh aroma of tomatoes, reminiscent of their sour and […]

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