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squirrel statue for garden

1.Introduction of squirrel statue for garden This is the squirrel statue for garden. A small squirrel cleverly standing above a nut, grabbing it with its front paws and preparing to enjoy delicious food. And another squirrel was underneath the nut, pushing it with all its might, as if collaborating with a partner, hoping to share the […]

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squirrel lawn ornaments

1.Introduction of squirrel lawn ornaments This is the squirrel lawn ornaments. The sculpture of squirrels is cute and vivid. They have small and agile bodies, rounded body contours, and flexible limbs. The appearance of a squirrel presents a rich cartoon style, with large and bright eyes revealing wit and curiosity, and a round face with […]

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red squirrel sculpture

1.Introduction of red squirrel sculpture This is a red squirrel sculpture. This fiberglass squirrel sculpture has a cute and realistic image, making it a very exquisite artwork. Its eyes are round and sparkle with wit, looking very cute and giving people a warm feeling. The big tail is lifelike, as if it can move at […]

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