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rooster garden ornament

1.Introduction of rooster garden ornament Rooster garden ornament is fiberglass material. The rooster exhibits a majestic and majestic appearance. It stands tall and proud, with delicate and plump feathers that present bright colors. It proudly wears a bright red crown on top of its head, dazzling like a crown. Its eyes are bright and lively, […]

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black rooster statue

1.Introduction of black rooster statue This is an interesting funny black rooster statue. It is a round chicken. The big head bears a round crown, the funny expression on the face and the column-like nose are impressive. Its body is several times smaller than its head, which is in great contrast to its slender legs […]

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rooster lawn ornament

1.Introduction of rooster lawn ornament Rooster lawn ornament is fiberglass material. The rooster has a gorgeous coat and a red cockscomb. He is very brave and powerful with steady steps with a proud look. And the meaning of the rooster in the cultures of various countries are diverse. In Chinese and Japanese, the cock has […]

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