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pink rabbit statue

1.Introduction of pink rabbit statue This is the pink rabbit statue. It has two big ears, hanging down to its feet, and looks very interesting. Because its ears hang behind it, its head looks very smooth. Its eyes are narrowed into a slit with a smile, and its two hands stretch out their thumbs as […]

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blue rabbit statue

1.Introduction of blue rabbit statue This is a cute blue rabbit statue. It depicts a cartoon rabbit standing on a blue circular base, with two ears raised high and oval body. Its smile shows a row of white teeth, and its eyes look to the right, as if it was attracted by interesting things. There […]

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standing rabbit statue

1.Introduction of standing rabbit statue This is a lovely standing rabbit statue. Rabbit is considered as a symbol of good luck. It is beautiful and gentle, and represents good luck. Rabbit is also an indispensable element of the zodiac. Fiberglass rabbit is not only ornamental, but also has certain cultural connotations. Placing fiberglass rabbits at […]

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