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Halloween Pumpkin Sculpture

1.Introduction of halloween pumpkin sculpture This is a halloween pumpkin sculpture. The Halloween pumpkin lantern sculpture is a stunning sight. These pumpkin sculptures adopt a hollow out design, which can emit dim lights and create a mysterious and attractive atmosphere. The pumpkin in the sculpture has a smooth and round appearance, presenting a golden color. […]

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giant pumpkin sculpture

1.Introduction of giant pumpkin sculpture This is a giant pumpkin sculpture. The Dancing Pumpkin sculpture leaves a deep impression with its unique appearance. Its body shape is similar to that of an octopus, divided into several twisted tentacles, as if dancing. This sculpture resembles a joyful dancer, dancing in an elegant and agile manner. Its […]

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giant pumpkin statue

1.Introduction of giant pumpkin statue This is a giant pumpkin statue. This fiberglass art sculpture resembles a large pumpkin and is displayed outdoors, giving people a warm and joyful feeling. Its surface is bright yellow, adorned with many black dots, like nectar falling on a pumpkin. The entire sculpture has smooth lines and full contours, […]

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