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paint can sculpture

1.Introduction of paint can sculpture This is a paint can sculpture. It is a unique and attractive art form. This sculpture presents a realistic paint bucket, with a colorful and vibrant surface. Different colors crisscross each other on the outside of the barrel, creating a pleasant visual effect. Each color is full and bright, emitting […]

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bucket sculpture

1.Introduction of bucket sculpture This is a bucket sculpture. It creates an astonishing scene, with a large paint bucket suspended in the air, as if dumping its contents. The appearance of the paint bucket adopts streamline design, presenting a very beautiful curve. Its color and texture are very delicate, perfectly presenting the texture of glass. […]

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fiberglass lawn ornaments

1.Introduction of fiberglass lawn ornaments This is a fiberglass lawn ornaments-paint bucket. This is a paint bucket decorative sculpture. It filled with various colors of paint, and the poured paint creates a flowing visual effect. The exterior of the bucket is painted in various colors, and due to the smooth surface of the paint, the […]

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