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cherub angel figurines

1.Introduction of garden cherub sculptures Garden cherub sculptures are made of fiberglass for our customer. In western literature and art, the sculptures of angel babies are mostly girls or children with wings. They are often compared to innocent and lovely people who bring happiness. In addition, angel babies also have the moral of purity and […]

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cherub on ball garden statue

1.Introduction of cherub on ball garden statue Cherub on ball garden statue depicts a lovely cherub sitting on a round ball with his legs crossed, his head on his knees, his eyes closed, and a pair of tender feathers like a newborn bird on his back. This little angel sculpture, whether placed in the garden […]

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vintage cherub statue

1.Introduction of vintage cherub angel lamp Vintage cherub angel lamp is an exquisite pair of children holding lamp sculptures are very exquisite. Two lovely little angels hold a large incandescent lamp, which is very cute and interesting. The original meaning of angel refers to the angel of God, so that as a special child of […]

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