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bee ornament garden

1.Introduction of bee ornament garden The fiberglass sculpture is a collection of vibrant and vibrant artworks, showcasing four cartoon Bee Ornament Garden of various shapes. These bee sculptures stand on the green grass, as if a grand concert is being held. The first bee played a melodious flute. It was dressed in bright clothes and […]

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bee sculpture

1.Introduction of bee sculpture The cartoon bee sculpture is presented in vivid images, with a round body and large eyes, revealing a lively atmosphere. It holds an instrument and is playing music, seemingly bringing joy and vitality to the place. The colors of the sculpture are bright and lively, with yellow and black as the […]

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bee garden sculpture

1.Introduction of bee garden sculpture This is a fiberglass bee garden sculpture. The little bee sitting on the chair has these two black tentacles on its head. Its head is very big, which is in sharp contrast with its small belly. The details of black and yellow stripes make his image more realistic. The white […]

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