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fiberglass angel statues

1.Introduction of fiberglass angel statues This are fiberglass angel statues is white color. A beautiful and elegant angel, her hands are in the posture of flowering, which is like praying for mankind. The breeze blew her clothes, just like a fairy, full of beauty. Angels sent by God to save people. She has the character of […]

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flying angel sculpture

1.Introduction of flying angel sculpture This fiberglass flying angel sculpture depicts a life size angel is facing the sky, ready to fly. She is a symbol of independence and freedom, in order to protect mankind and help mankind get out of trouble. In particular, angels with wings represent incomparable holiness and nobility. People are eager […]

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golden angel sculpture

1.Introduction of golden angel sculpture According to the interpretation of the Bible, angels were created before the creation of heaven and earth. Angels, like people, have thinking, emotion and reason. It is said that he was sent by heaven to guard and protect people. People like angels because they symbolize kindness, integrity and holiness. The […]

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