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white abstract sculpture

1.Introduction of white abstract sculpture This outdoor garden white abstract sculpture is very interesting. Its shape is unique. It has a white smooth surface and smooth curves. On the surface, it has round holes of different sizes, as if it were the reef of the underwater world. The round holes above can be pass through […]

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large abstract sculpture

1.Introduction of large abstract sculpture Large abstract sculpture is made of fiberglass. Outdoor FRP landscape sculpture plays an important role in the construction of urban aesthetics. The unique shape and bright colors not only become an important part of the surrounding environment, but also play a role in decorating the environment and making the finishing […]

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abstract heart sculpture

1.Introduction of abstract heart sculpture This sculpture is a blue abstract heart sculpture. The blue sculpture is like a heart shape. There is a circular hollow in the middle, and there is a blue ball hanging inside. It seems that when the breeze blows, the ball will knock out beautiful music. The base below is […]

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