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outdoor fairy fountain

1. Introduction of outdoor fairy fountain This outdoor fairy fountain integrates art, music, and natural elements, bringing a joyful atmosphere to the garden. In the sculpture, an elf happily plays the saxophone, spraying water from the opening of the instrument, as if notes are dancing in the air with the splashing of water. The elf’s […]

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fairy angel garden statues

1. Introduction of fairy angel garden statues Fairy angel garden statues is very elegant. The artist skillfully carved copper material to showcase the slender figure, graceful contours, and exquisite facial features of the fairy. The fairy holds the flute in a natural and vivid posture, as if she is truly playing the fairy tune. The […]

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bronze elf garden statues

1. Introduction of elf statues garden This is a life-size bronze elf statues garden. Its body is slightly smaller than that of human beings, its skeleton is thin, and its skin is white. They all have sharp ears and love to live in the forest. They have a slender figure. Both men and women are […]

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