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albert einstein sculpture

1.Introduction of Albert einstein sculpture Albert einstein sculpture can be done with different size,material and colors as request.Albert Einstein was born in a Jewish family in Germany. He is one of the top ten outstanding physicists in the world ,he is the pioneer, master and founder of modern physics as well as a famous thinker […]

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albert einstein memorial

1.Introdction of Albert Einstein memorial Albert Einstein memorial is made of bronze for some people who love celebrity sculptures and collections. It exudes classical beauty and the glory of the times. Whether it is used as office table decoration or indoor living room decoration, it will improve the owner’s cultural knowledge.The advent of Einstein’s special theory […]

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albert einstein statue

1.Introduction of Albert Einstein Statue Albert Einstein Statue are used widely for people as decoration. Albert Einstein is one of the most creative and intelligent figures in human history. He pioneered four fields of physics in his life: special relativity, general relativity, cosmology and unified field theory. He is one of the main creators of quantum […]

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