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garden girl statues for sale

1.Introduction of garden girl statues for sale This is a garden girl statues for sale. The sculpture shows a squatting girl. She was naked, with two twists braids on her head. Her hands were held up in her mouth, as if she was blowing dandelions. This form is very beautiful and smooth, demonstrating the beauty […]

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bronze dancing girl sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze dancing girl sculpture This is a bronze dancing girl sculpture. A bronze girl wearing a flowing skirt was gently blown by the wind, her hands raised high, and her hair flowing freely. This image is full of vitality and beautiful artistic expression. It can make people feel the beauty and a bright […]

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garden fairy statues

1.Introduction of garden fairy statues Garden fairy statues is a stainless steel beautiful fairy. The fairy is a legendary creature with long and beautiful ears similar to human shape, which originates from the ancient legends of northern Europe. Many fairies are depicted tall and beautiful, but sometimes they are described as “little man” or goblins. […]

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