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three children bronze sculpture

1.Introduction of Three Children Bronze Sculpture The three children bronze sculpture vividly shows the friendship and interaction of three children, with vivid images that give people a warm and joyful feeling. Three children were sitting on a wooden stake, with the boy placing his hands on the shoulders of the two children next to him. […]

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kid on tree trunk sculpture

1.Introduction of kid on tree trunk sculpture This is a kid on tree trunk sculpture. There are three children sitting and playing together in this sculpture. The girl in the middle is holding a butterfly in her hand, and her gaze focused on it, while the two children next to her seem to be talking […]

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reading boy and girl statue

1.Introduction of reading boy and girl statue Reading boy and girl statue is life size. Everyone has a happy childhood. They don’t have any troubles. Maybe one second ago, they were still wondering about something and two people quarreled. The next second, they had forgotten everything and made up as before. Wherever they are, the […]

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