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chrome elephant statue

1.Introduction of chrome elephant statue The stainless steel chrome elephant statue is a fun and vibrant artwork that presents a vivid and adorable image of the elephant. The exterior color of the sculpture is rich and diverse, full of childlike charm and a sense of happiness. The little cartoon blue elephant is lifelike, with a […]

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blue elephant sculpture

1.Introduction of blue elephant sculpture This is a lovely cartoon blue elephant sculpture. It vividly depicts the image of two cute little elephants carrying schoolbags. On the left is a baby elephant in a pink jacket and blue skirt, and on the right is a baby elephant in a blue jacket and shorts. They stood […]

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cute elephant statue

1.Introduction of cute elephant statue This is a cute elephant statue. The clean and pure sky blue color makes it fresh and natural, simple and lovely. Its nose is raised high, and its face is smiling. With its two front feet on the ground and its rear feet raised, we can clearly see the soles […]

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