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transformers bumblebee statue

1.Introduction of transformers bumblebee statue This is the image of the famous transformers bumblebee statue. In the film, Bumblebee, ambulance, police car and jazz are the four adjutants of Optimus Prime. Bumblebee is the smallest of Autobots and seems to be no threat. Its advantage can enable it to obtain more intelligence. The Bumblebee fought with […]

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bumblebee statue

1.Introduction of bumblebee statue The first independent film in the transformers series, Bumblebee, has a good reputation. In this film, the bumblebee is the protagonist and adopts the retro classic yellow beetle appearance, which adds a sense of loveliness to the bumblebee. This giant bumblebee statue has exquisite detail design and painting as its main […]

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