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bronze owl statue

1.Introduction of bronze owl statue The bronze owl statue is Rowan owl designed by Brian Hanlon. It depicts a version of the Rowan University mascot Professor, which landed on a fragmented branch. The 10 foot tall bronze and granite sculpture is located outside the John Green team building at Rowan University, overlooking the football field. […]

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bronze owl sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze owl sculpture Bronze owl sculpture is flying. Owls have large eyes and a short stout beak with a hooked front end. The feathers on the front of the head are arranged into face, and some species have ear like feathers. The owl is a symbol of “luck and wisdom” in the Aegean […]

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owl garden statue

1.Introduction of owl garden statue This is a very classic owl garden statue near Robinson Hall of Rowan Glasboro campus. The owl spreads its wings, its sharp claws firmly grasp the curved tree trunk, its short and curved beak bends downward, and there is a circle of raised hair around its eyes, which is as […]

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