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fish skeleton sculpture

1.Introduction of fish skeleton sculpture Fish skeleton sculpture presents the skeleton of a fish, with a realistic and captivating form. The whole body is composed of lifelike bones, creating a unique visual effect. Each fish bone can be carefully crafted, presenting smooth curves and intricate textures, making the entire sculpture seem to showcase the elegant dance […]

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bronze fish sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze fish sculpture Bronze fish sculpture is in big catch square in Des Moines. The statue was created by the famous Seattle artist Richard Bayer. This sculpture depicts the story of a beautiful girl turning into a fish. After a kiss from the fisherman, she turned back into a girl. The statue of […]

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swordfish sculpture

1.Introduction of swordfish sculpture This is a beautiful bronze swordfish sculpture. Swordfish has a typical streamlined body with smooth body surface, long and pointed upper jaw, small fins on the back, flat mouth and no gills and abdominal fins. Swordfish have different colors. Generally, the back and body of swordfish are brown to black. The […]

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