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outdoor dolphin statue

1.Introduction of outdoor dolphin statue Outdoor dolphin statue are very beautiful. They have beautiful radians like crescent moons. Each dolphin open its mouth and smile. It has this smooth touch on the surface of the sculpture, as if you can feel the luster of its skin. Below the dolphin is a billowing spray, which is […]

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santa barbara dolphin fountain

1.Introduction of santa barbara dolphin fountain Santa Barbara dolphin fountain is very famous. It is created by the sculptor Bud Bottoms. Bottoms became a determined environmental activist in 1969 after experiencing a severe oil blowout in Santa Barbara, polluting the ocean and destroying local beaches, killing seabirds and marine life. In the 1980s, Bottoms created […]

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dolphin fountain for sale

1.Introduction of dolphin fountain for sale Dolphin fountain is made of bronze. Dolphins are very popular marine animals. They are often seen in the circus in the aquarium. They will make the audience laugh with all kinds of interesting performances. At the same time, its mouth opens like a smile and is affectionately called a […]

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