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camel garden statue

1.Introduction of camel garden statue This is a camel garden statue. The appearance of camel sculptures has a strong visual impact, presenting a tall body and sturdy limbs, seemingly ready to bear heavy loads at any time. The head of a camel is long and protruding, the neck is curved, and its eyes are large […]

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bronze camel sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze camel sculpture This is a bronze camel sculpture. One or two humps on the camel’s back are its greatest reserve strength, which can provide enough energy for it in the harsh environment in the desert. Camel sculpture is just like a camel in the desert. It is as quiet and stable as […]

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life size camel statue

1.Introduction of life size camel statue This is a realistic life size camel statue. There are two kinds of camels: single humped camel and double humped camel. Because of its physiological characteristics that it can survive well in the desert, extreme heat, cold and other harsh natural environments, camels are known as the “boat of […]

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