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children and butterfly statue

1.Introduction of children and butterfly statue This is a children and butterfly statue. A boy and a girl sitting on a wooden stake, the boy holding the girl, the girl holding two butterflies in her hand, and the boy pointing at the butterflies. The two children looked very naive and cute with smiles on their […]

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reading boy mailbox statue

1.Introduction of reading boy mailbox statue This is a reading boy mailbox statue. The plot of the bronze mailbox reading letter boy sculpture is very vivid. The boy leaned against a tree stump, holding a letter in his hand. He was reading the letter intently, his expression serious and focused. The dog next to him […]

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Bronze Boy Mailbox Statue

1.Introduction of Bronze Boy Mailbox Statue The bronze boy mailbox statue is a very excellent work of art. Its design and significance reflect the characteristics and style of modern art. The design inspiration of this sculpture comes from a little boy who is wearing suspenders and holding an envelope in his right hand to put […]

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