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black bear garden statues

1.Introduction of black bear garden statues This black bear garden statues is a striking artwork, slightly larger than a real bear, making it an ideal choice for outdoor placement. This bear sculpture stands in a standing posture, as if to raise its hands and give the audience a friendly and welcoming feeling. Artists use exquisite […]

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black bear statues for sale

1.Introduction of black bear statues This is a very lovely black bear statues. It has a fat body. Its thick hair makes its body look very round and clumsy. Its small round head and nose look very cute. It stands on the rock and raises a claw as if to shake hands with you to […]

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Black bear sculpture

1.Introduction of Black Bear Sculpture Black Bear Sculpture is one of normal form we can see in daily life. Bear is one of the most popular animals. Most zoos will have bears. In people’s minds, bears are mild tempered generally, but when they are angry or in danger, they often will be fiery. That’s why […]

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