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bear with fish statue

1.Introduction of bear with fish statue The bear with fish statue showing a bear catching a fish. The statue is famous for its realistic details and natural gestures, showing the instantaneous dynamics of the bear as it hunts. The bear’s body is large and its limbs are strong, and it is imposing. Its body is […]

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standing black bear statue

1.Introduction of standing black bear statue The standing black bear statue is famous for its realistic shape and fine detail carving. The statue shows a black bear standing on its hind legs, as if observing its surroundings or demonstrating its majesty. The body of the black bear is covered with distinct layers of hair, and […]

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bear holding fish statue

1.Introduction of bear holding fish statue This bear holding fish statue is a very interesting outdoor bronze sculpture. A lovely bear, with one front paw lying on the stone slab and the other front paw grasping a fish, looks at the fish with its head down and seems to be worried that the fish will […]

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