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Balloon Rabbit Sculpture

1.Introduction of Balloon Rabbit Statue This is the balloon rabbit statue of the famous sculptor Jeff Koons. It has always been one of the classic masterpieces of art in the 20th century. This rose gold stainless steel rabbit sculpture is cute and spectacular, and integrates the unique luster of minimalism and the interest of cartoon […]

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Jeff Koons Balloon Rabbit Statue

1.Introduction of Jeff Koons Balloon Rabbit Statue This silver Jeff koons balloon rabbit statue is very beautiful. It is the embodiment of many contradictions: light and heavy, hard and soft. These contradictions also give sculpture great power. While challenging the art world, it also embraces the attitude and aesthetics of the art world. This silver […]

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Jeff Koons Rabbit Sculpture

1.Introduction of Jeff Koons Rabbit Sculpture Jeff koons rabbit sculpture is very popular artwork, Jeff Koons used the most exquisite display technology and promoted daily consumer goods to the spiritual field through cooperation with highly skilled technicians, traditional craftsmen and physicists. In his hands, the most common things will surpass their commonness and vulgarity and […]

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