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black panther garden statue

1.Introduction of black panther garden statue Black panther garden statue presents a vivid and fierce scene, and its exterior design is eye-catching. The black panther took strong strides, with a agile and powerful posture, as if ready to move quickly at any time. The sculpture captures the moment when a black panther opens its mouth […]

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black panther life size statue

1.Introduction of black panther life size statue Black panther life size statue presents a vivid picture. The black panther opened its mouth, revealing its sharp teeth and prepared to attack, as if it had discovered a potential target. The appearance of the sculpture is realistic, and through exquisite carving techniques, it vividly reproduces the wild […]

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bronze alligator sculpture

1.Introduction of bronze alligator sculpture Bronze alligator sculpture takes you into the mysterious and wild wetland ecology. A lifelike crocodile is showcasing its ferocity and majesty. The sculptor cleverly captured the moment when the crocodile’s mouth was open, revealing its sharp teeth as if it were visible at a glance. The texture on the crocodile’s […]

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