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angel garden decor

1.Introduction of Angel Garden Decor Angel Garden Decor is a beautiful angel Angel with her left hand high raising. Angel originally refers to the messenger of God, an emissary from heaven. Christians generally translate it into angels; Muslims sometimes translate it into immortals. It represents holiness, goodness and integrity, the messenger of God’s will, the […]

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angel yard statue

1.Introduction of Angel Yard Statue Angel yard statue is a memorial sculpture, remembering the victory of war and pursuing peace. There are always casualties in war, so they resist war and injury. Our statue is a soldier holding a gun in one hand and covering his abdomen in the other hand. It seems that he […]

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memorial garden angel statues

1.Introduction of Memorial Garden Angel Statues Memorial Garden Angel Statues is life size bronze statue. In western culture, the concept of angel comes from religion. In Christianity, Judaism and Islam, angel is the messenger of God, a powerful spiritual creature with free will. According to Christianity, angels were created to serve the Lord and to […]

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