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couple statue

1.Introduction of lynn chadwick sculpture for sale This is the lynn chadwick sculpture for sale. Lynn Chadwick is a famous British sculptor known for his abstract metal geometric sculptures. His works are full of modernity and dynamism, showcasing unique geometric forms and lines. His creative inspiration comes from the elements of the human body, animals, and […]

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marble abstract sculpture

1.Introduction of marble abstract figure sculpture Marble abstract figure sculpture is a very interesting marble creative human body sculpture. We can see that some of these figure sculptures are made of cyan gray marble. They sit on the bluestone slab in different postures and are hollowed out on their chest. They can not only form […]

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abstract family statue

1.Introduction of abstract family statue This is a abstract family statue. It shows the warm scene of the family in simple lines and abstract forms. The mouths of the three people are all open, as if spreading their joy. They are always in a happy moment, and their open arms are as free as wings. […]

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