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abstract sculpture

1.Introduction of mother and child garden statue This mother and child garden statue presents an abstract and profound family scene, showcasing the beauty of family, affection, and upbringing through its unique design and exquisite production. The appearance of the sculpture expresses the warm scene of the family in an abstract way. The mother knelt on […]

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family sculpture art

1.Introduction of family sculpture art This family sculpture art is one of the classic jean louis toutain sculpture. The statues are themed around characters and have a unique charm in appearance. The exaggeration and fullness of the chubby figure make the sculpture full of vitality and vitality, attracting the attention of viewers. The artist cleverly captures […]

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abstract family sculpture

1.Introduction of abstract family sculpture Abstract Family sculpture presents the emotions and connections of a family group in an abstract form. The appearance of this sculpture is full of dynamism and emotion, although it is an abstract form, it can resonate with the viewer. The characters in the sculpture can be composed of five characters, […]

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