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rabbit garden decor

1. Introduction of rabbit statue This fiberglass rabbit garden decor is lifelike, showing a standing rabbit holding a welcome sign, full of warmth and intimacy. The rabbit’s body is covered with delicate hair, and the sculptor cleverly uses the advantages of fiberglass to make the hair look soft and textured. The color of the rabbit […]

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cast iron rabbit statue

1.Introduction of cast iron rabbit statue This is an iron sculpture of a rabbit, showing its docile and alert form. The overall shape of the cast iron rabbit statue is realistic, fully reflecting the characteristics of the rabbit. The body of the rabbit is slightly rounded, and the posture is crouched on the ground, as […]

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rabbit sculpture

1.Introduction of brass rabbit sculpture This brass rabbit sculpture is based on the theme of a sitting rabbit. The overall design is exquisite, vivid and lifelike. The rabbit’s long ears stand up high, its facial expression is gentle, and its eyes reveal a hint of alertness and curiosity, showing the rabbit’s agility and cuteness. The […]

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